Monday, March 2, 2009

Goals for Week Starting March 3rd

I've got Kubuntu running on my desktop computer, and I have UNR running on my eee.

* Submit talks for all hands[Edit]I put suggested 3[/Edit]
* Make more progress on UDS topics[Edit]I started on an application programmer oriented topic[/Edit]
* Creating bug filtering ui for pm-dashboard. As I am implementing this I am refactoring it out into a general ability to add a filter UI to a treeview. Everytime I have to create a treeview with gtk, it takes me days instead of minutes due to all the niggly classes that have to fit together correctly. I want to fix this. This is relevant to my UDS work item, as I want to see if we can addrss the topic of making Ubuntu more fun to program on for opportunistic/hobbiest developers.
[Edit]Lots of progress on this. I have a filtering UI almost ready that can be associated with an arbitrary treeview. Encapsulating general treeview functionality appears a little more time consuming, as the gtk.ListStore class does not support some key features, so I'll have to derive from a generic store and manage a list of dictionaries. Should be doable, but time consuming.[/Edit]
* Organize materials for 9.10 planning meetings. This will be time consuming.[Edit]Got the pages ready for the first two, which are on Thursday.[/Edit]
* Orgainze thoughts and people around the whole Ubuntu translation system. Also a topic for UDS.
* Meet more people in the KDE/Kubuntu community.
* A couple of blog posts.
* Get the next hire set up for his London visit (randa helping with this big time).
* Do a scrub of the Ubuntu desktop (Jaunty Alpha 5) and look for fit and finish issues that should be addressed before visual freeze/beta.
[Edit]seb128, asac, and pitti all picked off some bugs that have been bugging me, so good progress there.[/Edit]
* Prepare timeline for facilitating discussion of Jaunty retrospective with my boss and his boss next week (that's mdz and Mark). More importantly, David Barth of #dx fame as well.

I have vowed to use Kubuntu (Jaunty Alpha 5) for this week. This is my first day of full on usage.[Edit]Still on Kubuntu as of Wednesday :) Except that I am running the new mobile image on my eee[/Edit]

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