Monday, October 12, 2009

Quickly Demo Part 1

Quickly is a new feature in the Karmic Koala that is designed to make it easy and fun to write, package, and share programs.

Today I made a quick video to give developers or people interested in development on Ubuntu a sense of what programming with Quickly is like. It's an 18 minute video total, so I'm splitting it into three parts. Since the video has a lot of typing, you'll probably want to run it in full screen so you can see all the good stuff.

Here's is Part 1, which covers getting an application started with Quickly:

Part 2 will show tweaking the application a bit, and part 3 shows packaging the application.

Parts 2 and 3 are now available here

The video is just supposed to be kind of a teaser, to get you interested in installing and trying Quickly? To really get started with Quickly, first, you should be running Karmic (Ubuntu version 9.10 which will be released in it's final form soon.

Then, open a terminal, and install quickly and fire up the tutorial:
$sudo apt-get install quickly
$quickly tutorial ubuntu-project

[edit]Added embed for full def video[/edit]

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