Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Application Indicator on My Lucid Desktop

I did an dist-upgrade today, and saw that the first Application Indicator was installed and working.

This is the Rhythmbox indicator, and it is a nice consistent menu that gives me left click access to the key music player functions. It works like the typical Rhythmbox Notification Icon, but works consistently and predictably.

I still don't know what key combinations gets me to activate the Application Indicator Area, but I did notice that I can arrow key between Rhythmbox indicator and the Messaging Indicator, which is a major win for me, as I tend to stick with the keyboard if I can avoid using a mouse. This is also important for accessibility, as there are a large range of things that can make it difficult for a person to use a mouse.


  1. Hi , you could use the humanity rhythmbox icon we already have >
    Until UX makes a new icon for the panel ;)
    Would be better than the applet displaying an image missing icon :)

    BTW , now that single click opens the drop-down menu , what happens to the click-to-minimize feature?
    Right now , left click just brings up the rhythmbox and clicking again minimizes to tray.

    Do we still have that feature? if not yet implemented, can it be implemented with right-click?

  2. it means that indicator will control totem, banshee, and any other multimedia app ? or any application ?

  3. So.... anyone communicating with rhythmbox upstream concerning the development of this indicator? Can you point me to a publicly archived discussion between upstream rhythmbox developers and the application indicator developers?