Friday, November 19, 2010

3 Weeks In

I was about half of last week, and this Monday as well. So I didn't do a week 2 update. Again,, please note that these are things that are happening that I found interesting or important, or was otherwise involved in. This is not the status of work that I personally did. Here's my perspective on week 3 ...

This Week
  • Unity landed in Natty (today actually).
  • I installed Unity and turned it on in the Compiz settings. I was able to play a bit with the launcher, and it was very snappy, and it launched apps. Places is still not working. Compiz in general seems quite snappy.
  • Unfortunately running Unity caused so much crashing, that I was unable to evaluate it for a spider diagram again.
  • A decision was taken to focus Unity on for Natty, and not work on a Maverick PPA. Based on my experience with Unity today, this was a sane decision in my estimation.
  • I checked in with Luke and Gary regarding Unity accessibility. Luke is still working on getting his head around gobjects and such.
Next Week
  • Hopefully enough stability in Unity that we can really evaluate it.
  • Luke to start with some accessibility prototypes.
This Week
  • The QA team has started putting automated integration tests into place. These tests will try to catch bugs in the way applications work within Unity very quickly and frequently.
  • We started planning a sprint, where a few Canonical folks will get together for the first week of December and focus on tests for kernel SRU validation, as well as for desktop integration.
Next Week
  • More tests written and running.
  • Better definition for sprint goals.
This Week
Next Week
  • Start of Patch Piloting schedule.
Software Center
This Week
  • Plans for New Apps in Maverick were finalized. Will be installed in /opt/ Python apps will lack per-compiled byte code if installed in this way for Maverick, but there should be a better solution in Natty.
  • didrocks landed changes in quickly to support installing to /opt in Natty.
  • mterry landed changes to the Quickly template to make it easier to attach to events (no more defining signal handler in Glade).
  • I'm not sure about the status of ratings and reviews. Since it's mvo driving, I assume all is well.
Next Week
  • ???
This Week
  • Schedule-wise, there is one week until Feature definition freeze as of yesterday. So this week we asked all teams to have work items identified by eod yesterday so that we could finalize plans by the Feature Definition Freeze. You can see all the blueprints for natty. I summarized how some of the Essential and High importance blueprints will effect the Editions as well. Of course there will be lots of Medium and Low blueprints that have a lot of impact too!
  • Release meetings started again, with new format and agenda thanks to skaet.
Next Week
  • Next Thursday is Thanks Giving holiday in the US, so I'm expecting about 60% of normal productivity in Ubuntu.
  • Work items should be identified for Alpha 2, so I will prepare a detailed review and ensure that items are prioritized appropriately heading into the A2 milestone.

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