Thursday, December 2, 2010

Log those Unity Crash Reports!

Natty Alpha 1 is baked and available!

This alpha is exciting to me because the Unity Launcher is already pretty usable. I'm using it daily, and am already addicted. The move to the new compiz has really really sped things up. Of course, I can't recommend to an average user that they rely daily on alpha software. This is fresh code, and it stresses more fresh code in the graphics stack. This means crashers.

However, you don't have to be a hacker to really help get Unity into shape stating right now. A great way to help Ubuntu and the Unity team right now is to get them as many crash reports as we can, so they can these issues fixed asap and move on to adding those features we are so much waiting for.

Way 1: Tonight, before the packages get updated, run Ubuntu Alpha 1 from a live session when it become available. If there are crashers, Apport, the crash report system, will kick in and help you log crash reports easily. If you can't get to it right away, no problems, but you'll want to use the current daily build to make sure you are testing up to date packages.

Way 2: Install Alpha 1 on a test machine. Enable Apport, and start upload crash reports when there are crashers. It's really easy to do, instructions are on the wiki. If you go this route, you can update daily and help by reporting new crashers as you encounter them.


  1. I have an idea, how about uploading Unity to Debian??????!!!!?