Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pithos of Rain

During my normal Sunday morning chill out with a cup of coffee this morning, I saw a tweet from Ken VanDine go by about Pithos, a native Pandora client for Ubuntu. I have a Pandora account, and love to use it on my phone, but on Ubuntu I had to go through the Pandora web interface, so I didn't use it as much.

I'm using it right now, and I'm chuffed. I'd love to see this app go through the ARB process so maverick users can more easily access it. And I'd love to see it I'm psyched to hear that it is in Universe or and even Debian for Natty.


  1. It's a very good app indeed. It's too bad that Pandora has such horrible tagging. I don't have a sound mind scrobbling to using any Pandora radio scrobbler.

  2. It's already in both Debian unstable and Natty universe, actually!

    Agreed that it's awesome, though.

  3. Actually, this should go through backports, not ARB since it's in the archive.

  4. Actually, someone's already created a backports bug :)

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