Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Photobomb Sale!

Photobomb showed up in the Software Center yesterday. As I prepare a space in my garage for the Rolls Royce I intend to buy from the proceeds, I took a moment to check in on sales, and, in fact, someone bought it! The MyApps portal has a really nice overview screen for managing multiple apps for sale.

Now, I strongly suspect that a friend bought it to make me feel better, but still, it gave me a chance to check out the nice graphs that myapps makes for developers. Of course, I expect Photobomb sales to stress test their math and charting capabilities due to an overwhelming crush of sales, but it's nice to see what they are shooting for.

I'm really impressed with the work that Canonical ISD has done here. I'd love to see this work made available to people who want to land non-commercial apps on a stable release of Ubuntu soon. Currently, it only supports commercial apps.

Speaking of which, while I am selling Photobomb, please keep in mind that it is still Free. That means that anyone who buys it gets all the software freedoms (it is GPL3, afterall). Furthermore, if you don't want to buy it, you can get Photobomb for free my PPA. Seriously, it you want to use it, but don't want to buy it, no worries, running it from my PPA is no problem for me.