Friday, November 18, 2011

12.04 Quality Initiatives Update

It's been 2 weeks since UDS. We left UDS with a lot of big plans about developing 12.04 in a precise way. So, in 2 weeks, we've gotten a good start. Here's a slapdash update before I leave for the weekend.

+1 Maintenance and Daily Quality
For the last week, we've had an installable and usable image every day! Colin is keeping a wiki until we have a proper dashboard set up.

Upstream Testing
A lot has gone on in this area. The QA team spent this week getting a QA lab set up, so we have a place to run automated tests. The Desktop team is working with the Dx team to get automated compiz testing set up, hopefully as early as next week. I need to circle back with other upstream projects, especially the ones that Ubuntu Engineering make, to check on their progress.

Distro Acceptance Testing
Didier Roche has started documenting tests to be run before uploads of Unity and working with the QA team to figure out how best to track them. You can check out his progress here.

QA Lab
Like, I said, the QA team has been working on the QA lab. We have trunk tests and distro acceptance tests to run. We need hardware! Here's a shot that Pete Graner took of the new rack for Open Stack testing:
Lots going on to make a 12.04 in a precise way! You can see the QA team's current work items here.


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