Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goals for Week starting Feb 23rd

  • Ensure that I am on top of all of the feature freeze exceptions being requested, and help the team get the right work done related to those
  • Install Jaunty Kubuntu on my main desktop and use it for at least a week or so. I haven't tried Kubuntu in a couple of years, but I know that KDE in general and Kubuntu is particular have made great strides, so I want to give it another try, especially as it is part of the Desktop Team anyway.
[Edit] I'm going to wait until Friday or Saturday when the alpha 5 ISOs are available.[/Edit]
  • Install Ubuntu Jaunty on my eee. I'm already running Jaunty on it, but I want to do a clean install to ensure that Jaunty is working as well as I think it is.
  • Get the team working on goals, and start working on reviews. Doing reviews is a very important part of being a manager, I take them very seriously. I'm concerned that with shipping Jaunty, then Karmic UDS, all hands, etc... I may run out of time and not be able to do a great job with these if I don't start soon.
[Edit]Discussed this in our team meeting. Will ask folks to send me stuff in next team meeting, so hopefully I can begin assembling feedback early.[/Edit]
  • Get the two desktop new hires all set up. Ken VanDine started last week (yeah!). We have another new hire starting in a few weeks. As he lives in Australia, I will arrange for him to visit a teammate in London so that he'll have a week to synch up without timezone issues making it hard for him to reach people.
[Edit]Ken seems to be adapting quickly to Canonical culture. I've asked Maria (our illustrious admin) to help arrange for Robert in London.[/Edit]
  • Start a wiki to capture potential UDS topics. Nothing formal or time consuming, just somewhere so that I (or anyone really) thinks of something, we can park it somewhere and then get back to focusing on Jaunty.
  • Make progress on my bug management tool. Though I am currently experiencing a very annoying issue with the launchpad API, none the less, I need to get some tooling together in order to help the team work on the right bugs, and generally manage the bug process in an efficient manner.
[Edit]It looks the launchpad team had to rollback an update to edge, which rolled back a critical bug fix. They will update it again soon. In the meantime, I can refactor the login piece to be a proper graphical component.[/Edit]
[Edit]The code started working again. I created a glade file for the graphical login part, but didn't start modifying the code. However, I plan to switch to adding filtering capabilities to the list view of bugs assigned to the desktop team.[/Edit]
  • Get a couple of talks together for all hands.
  • Get a good list together of what absolutely must be done for UI Freeze, and help the team accomplish those.
  • A feature based competitive analysis of Fedora 10.