Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stealthy, An App to Pause Desktop Logging

Here's a quick preview of an app I'm working on. It's called "Stealthy" because it provides a kind of "Stealth" mode by pausing Zeitgeist from logging while it's running. The upshot is that when you see the indocator, your activities during that time won't show up in Unity. Quitting Stealthy starts the logging again.

It's also got a "Delete History" function, that just clears all Zeitgeist and GNOME most recently used history, giving you a clean slate.

Here's a video demo:

D'oh ... I just realized I searched for the wrong things to demonstrate that Delete History command worked. Anyway, trust me, it would have looked like it worked if I searched for the right thing! :)

You can try it by running from the branch( bzr branch lp:~rick-rickspencer3/+junk/stealthy ). However, I plan to add a little ninja icon instead of the stock inidcator icon, and also a warning dialog for the Delete History function. Then I'll put it in my PPA, and also probably sell it in the Software Center for the minimum price.