Wednesday, July 22, 2009

gd79-01-20 [come and get it]

Following up from my last post ...

I found a torrent file for this show, and there were some actual peers, and I now have the show in Flac format. I want to keep some good shows in my Ubuntu One account, but I didn't want to choke my U1 storage space and bandwidth with the flac files, so I installed soundconverter, and converted the files to mp3, dropped those in my U1 folder, and then imported into RhythmBox.

So I am listening to track 3 right. This is a very crispy show, and Sugaree was just sweet.

Keep in mind that sharing this music is totally legal, and we encourage this form of digital sharing. Note that lots of bands have copied this distribution method that was pioneered by the Dead.

Well seeded shows come with "release notes" that are have the track list and source info. Looking at the release notes, I see that it is in memory of Jerry Moore. I remember Jerry from my days in CDead, and am very sad to learn that he has passed. Peggy-O has started playing, and the sad sweetness seems appropriate for the moment. Jerry was incredibly generous with his taping and seeding. His spirit surely was enriching for this world.

It appears that the show was remastered by Jay, who I recall as more or less the leader of CDead, and also a prolific remixer. Interesting to see that the show is shared in .flac format. I suppose .shn has faded away.

So, I'll gladly share this this show in three ways:
1. I'll keep seeding the show if you download the torrent
2. I'll B+P the show in Flac format to anyone who asks
3. I'll share the mp3 via U1 with any one asks

One last thing ... omg this show is crispy! Can't believe this is 30 years old!

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