Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanks Charlie gd77-05-07, also U1 = happy Rick

Ah, the Cornell '77 run. By far my favorite set of shows, and crispy soundboards are available to boot. What an epic run. Grab the torrent and take a listen to the Terrapin Station. So crispy and fresh!

Charlie Miller was a key CDEAD seeder back when I was active in that group. In fact, Charlie was also a taper. He was the one who was there to tape the Crusader Rabbit show, and as a CDEAD member I was one of the first to be privileged to hear the show, aside from those lucky folks who were there.

Charlie also mastered the music in this torrent, so thanks Charlie! I hope all is well with Charlie. I met him once at a Garaj Mahal show in SF, a really good guy.

I've been using a combination of the karmic desktop and Ubuntuone to manage and enjoy the free music:
  1. Converting the Flac files to mp3 with Sound Converted (available in universe)
  2. Moving the mp3 files to a folder in my U1 account so I can access them from the cloud on my netbook.
  3. Importing into Rhythm Box to tag and listen to the music.
I'd use ogg files, but my Chumby and my mp3 player can't play them.

This has been working really well for me. Ubuntuone has come a long way in terms of stability and predictability. The seamless way I can access my library is quite nice. I suppose I'll run out of space sooner or later. Also, I've been putting the mp3 up there as apposed to the flac files because it would take forever to sync, and I would quickly run out of space. However, playing the music on a computer, the mp3s are fine. To me, the flacs are for archiving the music and burning CDs for stereos where mp3s don't cut it. Also, if I ever end up with players that are ogg capable, I'd like to be able to convert from the flacs to oggs, instead of mp3 to oggs.

I'll gladly burn shows for whoever wants it, of course. I'll keep the torrent running when I can as well. Note the torrent is for the flac files, you'll have to convert them yourself.

[Edit] - here's a link to the torrent.

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