Thursday, February 11, 2010

CouchGrid Feature Completeness

So what we have here is the new CouchGrid that is really just a DictionaryGrid with an associated Grid filter. You can see Futon behind the test app with one of the records.

So here's the code to create the grid and filters and also persist the data in Desktopcouch:

dicts = [{"ID": 0, "key?": True, "tags": "aaa bbb ccc"},
{"ID": 1, "key?": False, "tags": "bbb ccc ddd"},
{"ID": 2, "key?": True, "tags": "ccc ddd eee"},
{"ID": 3, "key?": False, "tags": "ddd eee fff"},
{"ID": 4, "key?": True, "tags": "eee fff ggg"}]
database_name = "couch_widget_test"
record_type = "couch_grid_filter_test"
grid = CouchGrid(database_name, record_type=record_type, dictionaries=dicts)
filt = GridFilter(grid)
That really is all there is to it. Notice that the CouchGrid infers all of the keys from dictionaries that I passed in. That was a feature which I added back in today as well. I kind of forgot about it yesterday.

So I am assuming that there are all kinds of breakages now. I'll have to write some more test apps and some tests to make sure it is really all working perfectly. In the meantime, I've pushed it to trunk.

Speaking of trunk, I also accepted the first merge proposal in quickly-widgets today. James Tatum modified AsynchTaskProgessbox so that it passes a function that you can use to make the progress box increase in increments instead of just pulse. Nice!

Thanks for that James. He also fixed a bug or two while at it. Hopefully, I didn't bring those back today!


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