Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A UDS for Lucid in Dallas, during the default application install session, we discussed adding some kind of "picks" for software center where we could "feature" software that we loved, though it may not be appropriate for installation on the default CD.

Michael Vogt got this featured implemented, and tonight it showed up in Lucid. So far, it is just a container. Michael added the Gimp and Abiword (both safe bets), but now we need to fill it with "featured apps"!

Thanks Michael!


  1. Do we have a method for people to submit apps as featured? I'd be interested in what people think should be featured.

    Also, first vote for Inkscape. :)

  2. We could just look at popcon data in the meantime.

  3. So until we get a real submission place...
    I'ma throw one in for Openshot!

  4. In how far is this different from the star rating based on the install base? (Just a smaller user base makes the choice)

    To me this seems like a redundant category to maintain... could be automatically based on install base though.

    just my thoughts...

    could someone elaborate some more?

  5. I have a load of suggestions here there are lots that are already included on the cd so just ignore them but the rest are fairly good.

  6. Blender, Inkscape, Scribus, & GNOME Do come to mind.