Thursday, April 7, 2011

Congrats to GNOME!

Today you'll see the above banner on, as the 2nd banner linking through to the Gnome web site. That's because yesterday was a big day for the GNOME team, they delivered GNOME 3.0. Yesterday the GNOME community got the ball over the goal line, and delivered GNOME 3.0! An exciting time, indeed.

I know from my own experiences how difficult it is to do what they did. Delivering GNOME 3.0 with all it's platform improvements and it's slick new experience is a momumental achievement of teamwork and leadership. GNOME 3.0 is a major contribution to Free Software, and it continues the GNOME tradition of user-centered design, and community-centered development. GNOME 3.0 will be instrumental in powering Ubuntu for years to come, as well as countless other distros and projects.

The release itself seems flawless, from the product they delivered to the roll out on the website.

Congrats and also a heartfelt "Thanks" to all my friends in GNOME.

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