Monday, April 4, 2011

Video Demonstraton of a Few Things I Like in Unity

Here are a couple of quick videos I made this morning demonstrating some things that I think are cool in Unity.

EDIT: Please note that Unity actually goes much faster than it appears to in these videos. There are certain points where the video didn't really seem to keep up with Unity for some reason.

This demo shows using categories in the dash, and also being able to use the dash to quickly open apps without using the mouse.

This demo shows using the meta-key to use the launcher to switch to apps and launch apps. It also shows a little trick that you can use to put any command you want onto the launcher.


  1. Thanks for the videos. If you record more in the future, could you turn up the audio track so that it is a typical volume level? These videos are so quiet that I had to crank my speaks all the way up hear you. :/

  2. Hey Rick, can you please post the status of Unity with that Spider chart ? How did the chart look before and now ?

  3. Hey Rick. Unity is really great, but why hasn't anyone worked on getting it into Debian yet?

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Someone has filed an ITP in Debian:

    We've been working with people from other distros who want to package Unity, unfortunately right now it's non-trivial to do as it involves patches to GTK.

    Anyone wanting help to package Unity can ping us on #ayatana on Freenode and we'll get you going the right direction.

  5. It might be better to call what you call the "meta" key as the "super" key, to avoid confusion with Alt.

    Most people think of Alt when someone says meta.

    Or give in to the Borg and call it the Windows key.

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