Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sweet Ubuntu Device QtCreator Integration

I spent a bit of today using the Ubuntu Device integration features in Qt. It's fresh software, but it's really easy and fun. Here is the development version of the game I am running running on my desktop. Noticed that I set the size of the window and therefore the play area very intentionally. But, I had to think to myself "will the touch interactions work ok on my tablet?" "What about the sizes?". Fortunately, getting it onto my tablet is pretty easy.

There is a device button in the left hand channel of QtCreator. I connected my Nexus 7 to my desktop via USB. Clicked Detect Devices, and there it is! Look at the many buttons that will make managing my device easier. For example, I am looking forward to trying the Upgrade to Daily Image button tomorrow. 

So, how do I run it on my Nexus 7? I just use the command to do so! Notice there are other cool commands there too to try later. 
After picking "Run on Device" my app showed up on my tablet. As you can see from the screenshot, it had some issues! However, the touch screen worked the way I was hoping. Obviously, I need to think more about sizing and containment to make it all work correctly. Fortunately, it will be very easy to test it all.

Of course, I wanted a screenshot for this post. But how would I get that? With the Tools -> Ubuntu -> Device menu, of course! This menu has some other useful functions for managing the device. For example, the apt-get menu will allow me to install dependencies for my app.
All in all, I'm really pleased with the Ubuntu Device integration. It seems like will help make app development for my tablet and phone easy and fun.


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