Tuesday, December 15, 2009

UDS Wrap Up

[Note that I originally posted this on 11/16, I'm reposting with a title]

At the closing plenary for UDS, each of the track leads went over some of the important decisions that were taken over the course of the week. Here is a copy of my barely cleaned up notes with some extra comments ... These will make it onto the Ubuntu wiki in a cleaned up form, and then into work items over the next couple of weeks so we can start tracking ...

bryce led the xorg decision making process over the mailing list to accommodate the remote participatin of may stake holder. The version they decided on ...
xorg 1.7
-intel 2.10
mesa 7.7
bryce and tselliot will also work on a more robust install process for proprietary video drivers based on a system pioneered by mandriva.

TheMuso put it best, "Bug fixing and hardware enablement from here on out ..."

Of course this planning was led by seb128, but we were really fortunate to have some our faves from upstream at UDS as well ...
  • Update platform libs to glib and gtk current versions (platform)
  • but not update all applications (stick with current evolution), depending on whether they have intrusive structural changes
  • potentially keyring depending on how shared gnome/kde keyring work goes
Social from the Start
Desktop team planning was led by kenvandine, but segphault was in attendance as well, so lots of great collaboration with Gwibber upstream:
  • store messages in desktopcouch
  • move account to desktopcouch
  • add a simple microblog function call on the backend
  • create a reusable UI widget for microblogging (in pygtk)
  • create a accounts configuration screen (kenvandine)
We were hoping to turn on GeoClue in Lucid, but after Ryan did some testing, it looks like we won't be able to take this into an LTS release :( Maybe Lucid +1?

Desktop in the Cloud
Coordinating with the server team, we will host daily builds of the Lucid desktop somewhere "in the cloud", maybe on an internal Canonical cloud to start, but also maybe on aws.

robert_ancell will be rotating off to the OEM team during Lucid, giving him only 20% time to work on the desktop. During that time he will:
  • patch GDM to allow preselecting a user to support fast user switching
  • Maybe refactor Greeter/GDM split
  • Maybe add back some options that went missing when GDM uupgraded (any one who feels strongly this is a must do, please feel free to work on this feature).

Apps installed by default
This was a fun session. Also some interesting responses from the internets.
  • remove GIMP
  • leaner games selection
  • add video editor [if ready] (pitivi)
  • desktop start up time
  • improve compiz visual defaults (djsiegal)
  • UNE Desktop sessions
  • Battery life improvements
  • OOo Version = 3.2.1


  1. Definitely add some of those GDM options back. The lack-luster settings dialog in Karmic was my least-favorite thing about the whole release, other than some GStreamer hiccups...

  2. I knocked together a quick GUI for setting a couple of the GDM2 settings but it uses admin rights to make the changes to gdm's gconf settings. I'd love to have a bit more guidance on getting it into a more acceptable format... then again, it could just be my pyGTK is not upto scratch as well!