Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tonight's Photobomb Feature: Ink

Another night, another photobomb feature. Now you can free hand draw paths on the goocanvas. Sadly, the screenshot utility does not show that the cursor changes to a little pencil while you are in pen mode. I need a better icon than the edit icon for pen mode. Maybe a couple of minutes in inkscape to solve that.

One weird thing about photobomb has been that I have stuck with a fairly functional programming style. I usual start out a programming by extending the various classes that I am using. I'm wondering if I am using goocanvas for specifically what it was designed for, that I haven't needed to extend anything yet? We'll see. It could be that when I add things like selection indication and such, I'll need to refactor toward a more OO approach.


  1. Quick question, why not clutter instead of goocanvas? It seems like clutter is the way forward for gnome/gtk and goocanvas is very niche.

  2. Where dowload photobomb?

    I didn't see any link in some last posts

  3. @nadavvin -

    It's in a branch:

    You'll also need Quidgets

    Cheers, Rick

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