Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tonight's Photobomb Feature: Microblogging

I took a pause from the opacity feature for items to add the ability to microblogging. After creating your image, you can choose "Microblog" from the File menu.

The way it works is to save the image to a temp file, and upload that to imgur. Then it opens a dialog that allows you to send the created url to your followers through gwibber.

You can add some text too of course, if you want.

I'd be interesting in knowing what the *right* image upload service is. imgur has a good api and good documentation for it, so that's why I chose it to start. Would be sweet if there was a UbuntuOne way to do it.


  1. we're getting there with publishing files to Ubuntu One, just you wait :)

  2. Twitpic is also popular, it would be an easy addition :)

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