Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tonight's Photobomb Feature: Screen Scraping

Today I added another button to the web tab. This button lets users plug in a web url, and then photobomb will try to display all the images on that page. So for example, I've screen scaped cute overload to grab a couple of the pictures.

I was able to do this efficiently despite my complete ineptitude with regular expressions because of strycore. strycore is a fellow Ubuntu community member who took over a silly little program that I started called lolz. I had written a bunch of crappy screen scraping code using split(whatever) to get images from funny sites. strycore wrote some solid regex based code that I was able to snipe and modify for more general screen scraping.

As you can see, I am completely out of ideas for easy ways to make the buttons. I suppose I should create something that looks like a search, something that looks like an image on a page, and something that looks like a web page. Oh well, in the meantime, at least I have tooltips :)

Speaking of tooltips, I haven't been *totally* slacking on photobomb. The other night I added tooltips so you can see the file names (or URLs) of images in the get images tab area.


  1. I assume you mean 'weak' instead of 'week' in that screen shot.

  2. I'm glad that this code is useful :)

  3. Instead of using icons, you can use buttons with text.

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