Sunday, April 18, 2010

Desktop Couch View Editor

As I've been learning to use DesktopCouch, I've come to understand the key role that writing map and reduce functions play. Basically, a view is stored map function and optional reduce function. I still haven't quite figured out reduce functions, especially wrt rereduce.

Anyway, I was finding it way to tedious to iterate on views in iPython. A map or reduce function looks to DesktopCouch as a string, thought it is a function written in javascript. And there is no syntax highlighting, or really any help at all writing this function as they look like strings in gedit and iPython.

So yesterday, my ViewDesignDialog was born, and added to Slip Cover. Currently, it supports running a map/reduce function as a temp view. This has been very helpful for me already, as I've been able to finally write a map function gives me each record, it's record and type, and whether that record is active or deleted. I want this for the record types view in slip cover, so you can see if there are any active records associated with the record type. I might be able to go on and build an "undelete" feature which would be handy for undo actions in slip cover.

I will add a "Copy as DesktopCouch" code next, which will just put the code on the buffer so you can paste it into your Python code as desired. Also, I'll add "Save". To do this I'll need to do some work with design_docs.

Eventually, I expect Slip Cover will use this so you can create new views, and edit existing views, for a database using Slip Cover, in addition to having a handy tool for generating DesktopCouch code (or just browsing a database I suppose).

It's not integrated into Slip Cover to well atm. Maybe I'll get a chance to work more on this tonight, but I am plan to do some things that don't involve a keyboard for a while this weekend ;)


  1. nice post, i'm going to learn desktop couch

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