Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slip Cover, writing my own dev tools

I use desktopcouch quite a bit for the apps that I write. As a programmer, I want to be able to see into the database and confirm that my code is working, or make tweaks to the database so that I can test out new things. Also, I need to delete databases and records a lot.

Futon is the current tool provided for programmers to work with desktopcouch. However, I find it:
  1. Not work all the time
  2. Too complex UI wise
  3. A Couch tool, not a desktopcouch tool (a subtle but important distinction)
Thus, I started a new project for myself, slip-cover. Of course it's using Quickly 3.9.x ;) Also, the use of quickly-widgets made it very easy to boot strap this project. Though I am starting to see a need for some kind of quickly.widgets.DocumentTabs sort of thing.

The first iterations allows you to:
  1. view some desktopcouch instance info
  2. view records in a database by record type
  3. Modify existing records
I want to add some features based on my needs, in about this order:
  1. Ability to delete records
  2. Ability to delete a database
  3. Ability to add records
  4. Ability to add a field to records
  5. Ability to control whether a database syncs
  6. Ability to view views
  7. Ability to design views
Maybe a "feature a day" approach would work for this, especially as we close in on Lucid Final Freeze.

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