Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quickly and Quickly Widget Intro Videos

You probably saw that didrocks released another update for Quickly. It's chock full of bug fixes and tweaks based on the feedback from the last release.

About a week ago I made some updated intro videos to show Quickly in action, and highlight some key changes between Quickly in Karmic and Quickly in Lucid. They are all available in HD, so you switch to that when they start playing, it makes them waaay easier to read.

Part 1: Create a project and use Glade to edit the UI
Here you see that you use "quickly create ubuntu-application" instead of "quickly create ubuntu-project" to create an app. You also use "quickly design" instead of "quickly glade" to design the UI.

Part 2: Using CouchGrid
One of the key differences here is that CouchGrid is now in the quickly.widgets module instead of the desktopcouch module. The CouchGrid moved into quickly.widgets because it now extends the DictionaryGrid class. This brings a lot benefits:
  1. Automatic column type inference
  2. Ability to set column types so you get the correct renderers
  3. Correct sorting (for instance 11 > 9 in IntegerColumn, but "11" < "9" in string columns
And of course you get all the goodness of automatic desktopcouch persistence.

Part 3: Using GridFilter
GridFilter is a new class that provides automatic filtering UI for a DictionaryGrid or descendant such as CouchGrid.


  1. Woah, holy cow, that filtering stuff is awesome! Quickly is really great, keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Nice work. You guys have gone from zero to this in a very short time!

  3. Very impressive.

    But where are the docs for the widgets?(with example code)

    Otherwise it will be too hard to figure something different out and you probably don't want only database programs.

    Another thing, how would I export my database?

  4. @Tom,

    The widgets have doc comments that include sample code and documentation for using, configuring, and extending the widgets.

    Cheers, Rick

  5. Hey Rick,

    Even if you have made a lot of quickly-widgets blog posts, seeing them in action is really really impressive! Nice work on the lucid cycle, hope that a lot of people will find programming easy and fun again!

  6. Way to go bro..
    This will definitely make things FUN again. :-)
    YES !!

    Thank you Rick,

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