Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Lucid Quickly Task List

I'm seeing if I can just recycle this post instead of create a whole new ones ...

Finished my last bit of Quickly related coding for Lucid just now. Got the quickly-widgets tests passing. I fixed a bug here and there along the way. Changes are pushed into trunk, next I'll ask didrocks to update universe.

Of course, I still have 2 weeks to fix bugs if you find 'em ...

We have entered the Lucid end-game. Which is great. Sadly, there were a whole mess of things for Quickly that I wanted to get done this cycle. I know I won't get to everything, but I can still do a lot. I decided to set out a list of goals, and to work on the list each night, hopefully picking one item off per evening.

I always consider work on Quickly to be related to, but not actually part of, my day job. Thus I enjoy working on it in my free time, but don't typically commit to accomplishing anything specific, because it is my free time, after all. However, let's see how this works.

Here is my tentative list (completed ones are crossed out):

  1. Finish fixing pygame template indentation and comments.

  2. Refactor pygame template to put screen size in the configuration file.

  3. Create my own sample sounds for pygtame template.

  4. Make pygtame template actually a template (add the string replacement functions and derive from ubuntu-application commands).

  5. Remove CameraButton from quickly-widgets.

  6. Finish quickly-widgets documentation.

  7. Make quickly-widgets tests work (test apps currently work, but some of the tests fail erroneously).

  8. Fix the ubuntu-application template tutorial to use quickly.widgets.couch_grid instead of desktopouch.couch_grid.

  9. Update ubuntu-application tutorial to use new Quickly commands

  10. Update ubuntu-application tutorial screenshots

  11. Add PPA section to ubuntu-application tutorial.

  12. Write PyGame template tutorial

  13. Make new videos for ubuntu-application.

  14. Make videos for PyGame.

Those 10+ things seem like good goals to start. If I missed something, etc... please provide a comment.


  1. I could do the docs for the widgets. Could you look at my new merge for the ubuntu application docs? Its ready for translations and its in xml.

  2. These look good. I just wanted to point out that if you haven't heard of it, sfxr (http://code.google.com/p/sfxr/) is often used in the indie game community and could help out with #3!

  3. sfxr is awesome! Thanks for the tip. If I only knew how to package for Ubuntu I would add it.

  4. I think I already fixed the desktopcouch.couch_grid one :)