Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Themes Looking Nice with UNE

I posted about running UNE on my desktop a week or so ago. This morning due to some East -> West jet lag I ended up waking up a bit early, so I dist-upgraded my desktop while drinking my coffee.

Since I had tinkered with the theme previously, it was not automatically applied. I chose Radiance since it is sunny in my office in the mornings. I changed to the new desktop wallpaper as well.

I like how the wallpaper suffuses the launcher with the new color scheme. And I am finding the new window decorators and colors to be quite nice as well.

Funny how I currently liking UNE on my desktop computer, and the desktop on my Dell mini 10v.


  1. Interesting, why do you like Ubuntu Desktop on your netbook?

  2. The themes are on a large resolution. You should try to see how the icons spacing looks on a netbook: 70% of the screen width :|

  3. I used the new themes on my Dell mini 10v for 10+ hours a day since they came out. I did not find them problematic in the least, and in fact found them a significant improvement.