Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quickly Task List Progress

Well, Monday night I went out for beer with my wife. Last night I cooked dinner and spent time with my kids. So, good nights, but no progress on my Quickly Task List.
However, I made some good progress #5 and #6 today.

Well, #6 was just: $bzr rm, so not much accomplishment there.
However, I made solid inroads for #5, documentation for #quickly-widgets. I got PressAndHoldButton totally documented, and did the module documentation for, which included a bit of work to document how to create a custom column for a DictionaryGrid.

Speaking of DictionaryGrid, I got a question from a developer using it about how to respond to edits in the DictionaryGrid. I realized that I did not make this easy. It's easy to enable the UI for editing, but in order to receive a signal when a change occurred required iterating though the columns and attaching to each column's edited (or toggled) event. So I fixed this by adding a "cell-edited" signal and that's in trunk now.

It's so important to be getting feedback from users. Otherwise, you don't know the right use cases, and you can miss obvious things like this.

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