Saturday, March 20, 2010

XML Copy-Editor FTW

Picking up where Fagan left off on the Quickly ubuntu-application tutorial, I'm writing a ubuntu-pygame tutorial using docbook format. The last time I tried available XML editors, the ones I found were crashy, or didn't offer much above and beyond Gedit, so I ended up editing XML in Gedit.

I tried again in Lucid, and found XML Copy-Editor in software-center. I love it! I'm getting statement completion for the schema currently in use (see screenshot above), and error highlighting when I make mistakes. It's also fast and rock solid on my mini 10v!

Interesting that it's built in wxWidgets. I wonder if they target this to be Cross Platform?


  1. Rick,

    Have you looked at Mallard instead of Docbook as an XML schema? Mallard is the new XML schema we're using in GNOME to write user help (Empathy is the first app to use it and we have a few more coming in 2.30).

    While you'd have to go back to Gedit (and German Poo has a Snippets plugin for completions) from a syntax perspective it's much easier than Docbook.

    The spec and 10 minute tutorial are at

  2. I use (and have done for a couple of years) XML Copy Editor in both Ubuntu & Windows, so cross platform is working very well!